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Grey Cobalt by Felicia Honkasalo is a meditation on the legacy left by her metallurgist grandfather and a larger, sweeping narrative of how different orders of time and memory impress themselves upon the Finnish landscape, like a palimpsest. Honkasalo creates multiple narratives from seemingly disparate objects, forming alternative cosmologies from her own observations and sense of the distant past.

Grey Cobalt is a Swiss-bound softcover with a surprise: two spines, two books. To preserve the fragmentary, interrelated qualities of Felicia's work and Ada's text we constructed an object with text and image bound separately, encouraging playful overlap. Felicia's works are delicately sequenced and interspersed with loose inserts, while Ada Smailbegovic's text sprawls in two colours following a hidden gridded logic. We also organised and curated an exhibition of the work at Webber Gallery, 10 Jan – 15 Feb 2019.

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