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Trinity by British landscape artist Oliver Raymond Barker engages with the unique ecology of the Rosneath peninsula: the landscape itself, the networks visible and invisible that have been imposed upon it and the complex histories embedded in its fabric. Early christian pilgrims voyaged to remote corners of the British isles such as Rosneath in search of sanctuary; peregrini who sought to use the elemental power of nature as a means of gaining spiritual enlightenment. Today, the peninsula is dominated by the presence of HMNB Faslane and RNAD Coulport, the home of the UK’s nuclear deterrent Trident. Existing alongside these sprawling sites are the small, temporary constructions of itinerant activists – locations such as the Peace Wood bear traces of their occupation.

For this sprawling publication we used an interplay of papers, sizes and colours to re-structure Barker's immersive images, which are made using a backpack-mounted camera obscura to make and print photographs in situ. The result is a swirling mixture of tones and sensations, with Nick's abstracted texts adding to this layered object that reflects the successive moments of history embedded within the landscape.