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Bruises is the first book of photographs by the British artist and sculptor Samara Scott. Taken from the artists' archive of 35mm half-frame images, Bruises unfolds over six years in which Scott used the camera as a form of 'sampling' the world, footnotes to feed back into her artistic practice. Much like Scott's sculptural work, we find in her photographs a hybrid swirling of consumer objects and sensory experiences in flux. These images speak of a suspension or perversion of everyday surfaces and depths, but also of the saturation of images, sounds, and textures in contemporary capitalist society. This looping, free-fall narrative of references pairs candid observations with her recent installations at Eastside Projects, Pump House Gallery and The Sunday Painter.

After working through over 7000 images, the process of sequencing and pairing became a game of visual tennis with Samara, exchanging sequences until a final 264-page book emerged. The cover, engraved in plastic, emphasises the haptic qualities of Scott's work with a bespoke scanner piece made by the artist for the cover.