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Hibi literally comprises a series of street photographs by renowned Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. Each of the black and white images painstakingly attend to the road’s surface – the worn road-markings, the fading lines and arrows eroded by the city’s innumerable inhabitants, a web of fissures in the asphalt. In 1992, Fukase overlaid a set of bromide prints with fluid drawings in brightly coloured inks and on every image the physical presence of the artist is traced.

Published for the first time since 1992, Hibi involved digitising and sequencing this unique set of original prints into a book-form cascade of images. Designed by Lewis Chaplin while working as a Designer at MACK, this book hinges open to find yourself the underfoot of Fukase's shoe, while a rich, luscious printing on rough uncoated stock creates a tactile experience of this Japanese master's final body of work.