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Demonstrations of Patterns in Flow is a sequence of images and text obliquely meditating on balance, failure, practise and play. Comprising photographs of gymnasium floors after a flatland BMX competition, and an essay, What Do you Expect From Your Surfaces, this artists’ book uses the subject matter of BMX and the geometric traces it leaves, as an idiosyncratic approach to questions of creativity and order. Demonstrations of Patterns in Flow continues Griffin’s interest in the impulse to collect and typologise through photography, and ultimately the slippages and frictions that occur through this desire for rigidity.

This unique artists’ book is hand-made, with each edition printed in a way to create a random and unique sequence of images in each copy while the text runs in it's intended order. This arbitrary pairing of texts and geometric forms folds into Griffin’s mythologising of the chance nature of flatland BMX.

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