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Sean Godsell: Houses is the first survey collecting together residential projects designed by award-winning Australian architect Sean Godsell. Godsell's particular strain of 'bush minimalism' elegantly emphasises the physicality of each dwelling and it's relationship to the land and nature. Within these twelve houses across Australia we can chart Godsell's process, from initial sketches through to technical drawings, mockups, writing and the final builds, beautifully photographed by long-time collaborator Earl Carter.

Sean Godsell: Houses uses rough, rusty oranges and blues and a contrast between glossy and bible-thin pages to lay bare Godsell's design process, creating riveting visual connections across architectural subject matter. The workhorse typeface, David, brings both a warmth and functionality to the book typical of Godsell's architectural style. As well as providing a tight, elegant visual edit for the book, we also replicated a rich index of all Godsell's work to date along with detailed scale models of each property.